Chasing the Dragon





Set in the `60s, Ho is a man who has slipped into Hong Kong from Mainland China, where at the time Hong Kong Police Force is in cahoots with the triads under British colonial rule. He later receives help from Detective Lee Rock to escape further torture by British Police, thanks to his fighting skills. He becomes known as Crippled Ho when he sacrifices his right leg while saving Rock in a gang fight. The two form a closer bond and each separately rules the upper-world and underworld of Hong Kong. At the same time, they secretly keep tabs on each other, ensuring the balance of power between them. The establishment of ICAC in 1974 forces Rock to retire prematurely but Ho is determined to become the sole dictator of the drug empire.


Chasing the Dragon


Release Date




128 Min


Film Categories

Action, Biography, Crime



Jason Kwan, Jing Wong



Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Philip Keung