Saranae: Love You





សាច់រឿងភាពយន្ត Saranair: Love You និយាយអំពីការតាមសងសឹក វាយប្រហារលាយឡំនឹង សំណើច ពេលមិត្តសម្លាញ់ 2 នាក់ រ៉ាំងរ៉េវ និងប៉េងប៉ៅតុង ជាប់ចោទពីបទលួចពេជ្យដែលមាន តម្លៃមហាសាល បានហែកគុកកម្រាស់ក្រាស់ ដើម្បីតាមរកពេជ្យដែលជ្រុះបាត់ ខណៈពេលប៉ូលីស តាមចាប់ពួកគេ ហើយតាមសងសឹកអ្នកដែលលួចពេជ្យរបស់ពួកគេទៅបាត់ ទើបជាការចាប់ផ្តើម នៃរឿងកំប្លែងដែលរួមមានតារាល្បីៗថៃជាច្រើនរូប។ This is a story about revenge, fighting and funny of two best friends accused of stealing priceless diamond. They escaped from the prison to search for missing diamond as police seize them. The two friends take revenge to those who stole their diamond, and it is just the beginning of a funny story which includes many Thai celebrities. សសរកន្លោង There was a murder in a house built around 1925. All family members who lived in the house was killed by hanging to the central pillar, and the angry spirits became fierce spirits. Until now, Yuth’s family move to live in the house, and the spirits in that house came out to scare their families.


Saranae: Love You


Release Date




106 Min


Film Categories




Kerttisak Udomnak



Mario Maurer Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong Se